Who is Susan Ruiter?

Hi, my name is Susan Ruiter, born on November 6, 1969 in The Hague. I grew up as a calm and quiet girl, a dreamer. And actually I still am. Then, but even now, as an adult, I can be in my own world completely. I can walk past people on the street because I’m lost in thought. I think this is characteristic for creative people, because in those moments the best ideas come up. As a child I was always busy with craftwork, drawing, painting etc. But only when I was about 17 I realized I excelled in drawing.

I was young when I started a family and am the proud mother of my two daughters Mandy and Jodie. When they were young I painted at home, in a separate room. You could find me there every free hour I had. I like to draw people and animals and love round shapes, humour and colour. The combination of these preferences, led to the beginning of the cheerful, colourful ladies you can find here.

I soon noticed that my paintings bring something to people: it makes them happy. And so I discovered, that with my passion, with what I love to do, I can make the world a little happier. (Did you know that regularly looking at art even reduces stress and prevents depression?) And those happy costumers gave me the opportunity to make a step up. I needed more space and hired an old barn, which I used as my studio. Turns out, a studio away from home, with no heating or toilet is not always ideal. So when both my daughters moved out, I took the next jump. Ruud (my partner) and I bought a house in Vlaardingen. Which, after 1,5 years of remodelling, has become a beautiful home, gallery and studio. I never expected that I would accomplish all of this. So that shows: anything is possible if you follow your passion!

All of this now makes it possible for me to ensure that you can invest carelessly in art and enjoy it for years to come. I do this by using materials of high quality. And also try to be as helpful as possible. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, I can create commissioned work, especially for you. This way you can tell me which size and colours you prefer and I can even add a ‘personal touch’ to the painting. Examples of this are the wedding card and company logo I designed, as well as painting with people’s pets, daughters, cars etc. It makes your house into a home or adds something personal to your company. I am very grateful to the customers who give me this opportunity, because it inspires me a lot.

Can I do something for you? Or do you have any questions? Please let me know!



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Hoogstraat 125
3131 BM Vlaardingen
Tel. 06 13174733

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Opening hours
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