I would like to surprise my wife Annette with a unique gift for her birthday. A while earlier she had told me about the original sketches of Susan Ruiter to be found on Instagram. I decided to contact Susan. We discussed the options for working out a previously made sketch. Of course there had to be room for my wife's love for hats, dresses, dachshunds and her great hobby; sewing! Susan suggested a nice color palette that wouldn't get boring and promised to make a nice watercolor out of it. My expectationa was surpassed when I went to pick up the work. A beautifully framed work of art with certificate. Fantastic color combination and a striking image. Once home I couldn't wait to hand it over to my wife and so gave it a day early! She was very surprised and felt honored with this unique gift. The artwork has been given a prominent place in the sewing workshop of her company Saar & Antje. Susan is really an artist!


Purchasing one of Susan's paintings has been my longterm wish. I have adored her artwork since I have seen it for the very first time a few years ago but I have never paid so much for painting before. I was not sure if it was worth it but then I took the decision and did it. And it was the best decision I could make. I am very happy with the process, Susan is super friendly and very profesional. The "Summer Romance" came well packed and is as breathtaking as expected. I cannot take my eyes off it!


From the first moment I saw the artworks by artist Susan Ruiter on social media, I was “sold”. And after a visit to her beautiful gallery in Vlaardingen, we asked her to make a commissioned artwork for us.
We are so happy with the painting “Our journey” that Susan made for us! Our love for traveling to our three favorite continents has rendered them so beautiful and striking. An asset to our home!


Susan made me a sketch wich she used for the painting in color. Susan takes the time for you and keeps you updated on her progress. I am very happy with the end result! I even got a little emotional when Susan delivered the painting to me and handed it to me. Thank you Susan for this, for me very special and valuable, painting ... -XXX-

Daniel en Mandy

When the Animalicious series came out it was immediately clear. Our pets, Tomcat Pablo and dog Kane, must also be immortalized. Susan's first two sketches were great fun right away, but didn't quite fit our idea and interior yet. Then I came up with the idea to link a 'Peaky Blinders' theme to it. The sketch that followed was complete. We left the rest to Susan and that can be entrusted to her. The end result is fantastic, love at first sight. Our two "men" in suits at the table, a bottle of Gin, the correct size and colors of our interior are reflected in the painting. The living room immediately became a lot cozier. Thanks Susan, we will enjoy this for a very long time.


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