Veronica & Sonia (Italy)

Today we received our two wonderful Susan's paintings , her girls! We had been looking for the perfect matchy matchy girly gift, and having a piece of Susan's art in our home is such a mood, it makes us feeling better after a long day at work and it connects us, as friends, to stay always positive and never give up.


Today (October 28, 2020) our painting was delivered and hung. We are so happy with the wonderfull beautiful painting of our French Bulldog Elvis Gradje. We had an idea in mind to have a painting of our dog made with American accents because of our love for America, we once visited Graceland and got married in Las Vegas, badly wrong by Elvis Presley (the one and only). We wanted to immortalize our Elvis Gradje in an original way in Elvis style. A painting that suits us completely and the idea we had in mind, Susan put it on the canvas in an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL AND DEFINITELY ORIGINAL way. Our Elvis Gradje was / is not really a fashion model, he did not listen and had / has patience, but yes it remains a Bulldog! What an artist Susan is and how nice to work with Susan. Thanks again for immortalizing our little Elvis Grad on the canvas. Really TOP !!

Joke & John

Today October 7, 2020 was the day: Susan came to deliver and hang our commissioned painting. It's really exactly as we imagined, TOP. The start-up process alone is an experience. First consult with each other, make wishes known, such as the subject to be painted, the colors and the size. Then a sketch by Susan, a home visit to fit and measure with a “test painting” and Susan wanted to taste the homely atmosphere where the artwork will be placed. Finally, just before the “finishing touch”, we payed a visit to Susan’s studio and put the finishing touches on the details. And now the painting is above our sofa and we and Beau are already looking at it with great pleasure. Susan is a TOPPER!

Pris & Lu

2 mooie schilderijen van Susan aan de muren van onze woonkamer hangen. We hebben meteen een heel andere woonkamer, zo vrolijk binnen lopen. Echt super blij mee en een hele aanrader. Thanx Susan.

Jolanda van Breemen

For my birthday, my husband commissioned a painting by Susan. It was my wish to stand on the beach with the dog. It has become beautiful and now the third work we have of her. Every day it remains a joy to watch.


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