Joke & John

Vandaag 7 oktober 2020 was het zover: Susan kwam ons schilderij afleveren en ophangen. Het is echt precies zoals wij ons hadden voorgesteld, TOP. Alleen het aanloop proces is al een belevenis. Eerst overleggen met elkaar, wensen kenbaar maken, zoals het te schilderen onderwerp, de kleuren en de grote. Dan schetsen door Susan, dan een thuisbezoek om met een “test schilderij” te passen en te meten en dan kan Susan gelijk de huiselijke sfeer proeven waar het kunstwerk komt. Als laatste, vlak voor de “finishing touch”, nog een bezoek brengen aan Susan’s atelier en de laatste puntjes, qua details op de i zetten. En nu hangt het schilderij boven onze bank en kijken wij en Beau er nu al met heel veel plezier naar. Susan is een TOPPER!

Pris & Lu

2 mooie schilderijen van Susan aan de muren van onze woonkamer hangen. We hebben meteen een heel andere woonkamer, zo vrolijk binnen lopen. Echt super blij mee en een hele aanrader. Thanx Susan.

Jolanda van Breemen

For my birthday, my husband commissioned a painting by Susan. It was my wish to stand on the beach with the dog. It has become beautiful and now the third work we have of her. Every day it remains a joy to watch.

Arend en Eefje

Recently we have become in the rich possession of a real Susan Ruiter! It hangs prominently in our living room and always puts a smile on our faces. For years we had been looking for “something” for the wall above the sofa, but each time we couldn't find what really made us happy. We regularly walked into Susan's studio and her art always makes us happy. At one point we heard that she also works on commission, which seemed interesting to us. We talked to Susan and it turned out that a lot was possible. Susan came to our home with some of her works to determine a color impression and a size. She made an offer without obligation and that's how things started. We submitted some photos and within a short period of time we received the first sketch. How surprising that was! How aptly she managed to portray us as a family, it was perfect. We immediately gave the order to continue with it. About three months later we received an invitation to come and see the result in the studio, before it would get the final finish. Now details could still be worked on. (in our case we still wanted a reference to our deceased son) Shortly afterwards the painting was delivered and hung in our living room. We are happy every day with the painting on which we stand as a family, but without it being such a family portrait thing. We are portrayed in the cheerful Susan way with a lot of personal details, which are significant to us. What is very striking for us is that our daughter is now pregnant and she is holding her cat like a baby, without us having reported this to Susan by order. We proudly show our “Together we make a Family” portrait to everyone who visits us.


I would like to surprise my wife Annette with a unique gift for her birthday. A while earlier she had told me about the original sketches of Susan Ruiter to be found on Instagram. I decided to contact Susan. We discussed the options for working out a previously made sketch. Of course there had to be room for my wife's love for hats, dresses, dachshunds and her great hobby; sewing! Susan suggested a nice color palette that wouldn't get boring and promised to make a nice watercolor out of it. My expectationa was surpassed when I went to pick up the work. A beautifully framed work of art with certificate. Fantastic color combination and a striking image. Once home I couldn't wait to hand it over to my wife and so gave it a day early! She was very surprised and felt honored with this unique gift. The artwork has been given a prominent place in the sewing workshop of her company Saar & Antje. Susan is really an artist!


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