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Nieuwsbrief April 2017 (EN) This newsletter contains a lot of positive messages, information and new projects I'm really excited about. Unfortunately, we must also tell you some bad news ...


As I told you in the last newsletter I'm going to make serigraphs of two of my paintings in collaboration with The Hague gallery. However, it was difficult to choose between the paintings. After a preselection it came down to three paintings, so we still had to lose one. Therefore I had decided to ask you which paintings you would prefer through Facebook. And I'm glad I did. The reactions obviously showed that the two paintings in the image came out as winners.

Another project

In addition to developing my second bronze sculpture and serigraphs, I was recently offered another project. To design and produce a series of resin statues in cooperation with Art Fun. Recently, we have made a selection from the sketches I made and so I started sculpting. I've noticed I love sculpting and it is almost becoming an addiction.
I'm still glad I asked Susan to design my logo. She understood exactly what mood I wanted to create in my salon and translated this into a beautiful lady!

Open Studios

This year my gallery reopened during the Open Studios in Vlaardingen on 20 and May 21, 2017. In addition to my own work you can admire the photography of Arend van der Salm. Probably a third artist will join this exhibition. I'll give you more information in the next edition of the newsletter. Just make sure you put the data in you calendar and I'll order sunny weather.

Bad news

At the opening of my gallery I sold paintings, cups and a table. The proceeds of these works were donated to Pink Ribbon (a dutch charity that fights breast cancer). Now it's 2,5 years later and I must sadly inform you that I myself have breast cancer. I've received this diagnosis two weeks ago. Surgery and other treatments will soon follow. The bright side is that it was probably found in time to be able to make a full recovery. So I'll make sure to stay positive and beat this horrible disease. The projects mentioned above will at least ensure enough distraction.


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