10 do's en don'ts for hanging a painting

You have finally bought that painting that you wanted so much. But where does it go? And what do you have to keep in mind while hanging them? Read all about it in this blog ...1. Do not hang a painting above a heat source, such as a fireplace, radiator or in the bright sun. Not only can the pai...

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How do you buy art?

You have an empty wall or cabinet at home and sometimes think about buying art. But how does that work? And where can you find art you like?Find art that suits you.When you buy art, it is important that you start looking for an artwork that suits you. It is important that you like it and it touches&...

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Why buy art?

More and more you hear people about the artwork they bought of the artist they absolutely love. But why do people buy art? And what are the benefits?Art refelects your personality in your homeLet's start with the most important question: why would you buy art? First, because art makes your hous...

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6 mistakes starting artists often make - part 3

Look from a distanceYou want to finish your painting at once. You're working on it and see something you want to chance or make a little better over and over again. A little more colour here, perfecting details there. Recognizable? It means you're making a mistake.When you are close to you...

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6 mistakes starting artists often make - part 2

Do not use too much blackA common mistake is the overuse of black paint. Black is good, if you are painting a cow, or creating a black dress, anything that is actually black. But if you want to create shadows or outlines, it is much better to use dark blue or dark brown. (Gebruik bijvoorbeeld donke...

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6 mistakes starting artists often make - part 1

Make good sketches firstMany people immediately want to start painting on canvas. This is mistake number two. At first you need to put enough time in your sketch. Make sure your sketch is correct, even if that means you have to throw 50 of them away. This does not mean you have to draw all the ...

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